As a lawyer, I must take a moment to set forth the policies and “rules of the road” for this blog. Since most of my readers, I expect, are lawyers, I am sure you will understand.

First, as to my posts. They are copyrighted to me, with all rights reserved, as of the date of their posting. These posts represent my opinion, not statements of fact, and if you disagree with my opinion, you may certainly post a comment. The links provided are to sites and pages that existed as of the date the post was written, and I cannot be held responsible for any “broken” or subsequently inaccurate links. The content set forth in the sites linked to is also not mine and not copyrighted by me. I cannot be held responsible for said content.

As to comments on posts to this site, they are subject to moderation. This is not only to prevent “comment spam,” but also to make sure inappropriate statements are not posted to the blog. Although I do moderate comments, I do not do any “spade work” to verify the truth of their content, due to obvious limitations on my time. Therefore no such verification should be implied by my moderation. For these reasons, comments will not be posted to the blog until reviewed, so do not expect to see them right away.

Steven J. Richardson, Esq.
Woodbury, NJ
January 8, 2007


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