Okay, so I’ve been away for awhile.  I decided to work on my law blog and tweet on tech periodically as I found interesting articles on the net.  However, I have been seeing some very interesting things lately, and I just had to write about some of it.

One of those things is Tungle, a web-based service that synchs with your calendar and allows you to schedule meetings with others.   Anyone viewing your calendar will not see WHAT you are doing, but simply that you are not available at that time.  People can access your page and suggest a meeting based on your availability.  As a solo without a secretary, that is just a fantastic resource!   No more telephone tag with clients trying to schedule appointments.  I just e-mail them a link to my Tungle page and ask them to suggest times.  Much easier!

Tungle can synch with your calendar in Outlook and Google, while Mac Entourage is in beta and Lotus Notes is in development.   Even better, it synchs dynamically.  I make a change in my Outlook calendar, and in seconds it is reflected on my Tungle page.  You can dress up your home page with a picture and contact information (phone numbers, e-mail, web site), links to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LikedIn profile, or Xing page, even add a note to visitors (mine says to call to schedule an appointment after 5pm).  Check it out, or even better, give it a try!