Although I have been a gadget freak for many years (more than I care to admit) I have acknowledged in the past that many tech solutions just don’t have it over pen and paper.  Interestingly enough, Google recently wrestled with this in the Tasks app of their Gmail Suite.  They realized that “despite dual-core CPUs, 30″ monitors, and high speed internet connections, many Googlers still found themselves using paper to track their tasks.”  Their solution is set forth in a February 2 posting to their Gmail Blog that states:

“We set out to fix this by making Tasks available from your phone with a version optimized for the small screen. And starting today, you can manage your task list from your iPhone or Android device, and access it from any xhtml enabled phone.”

If you have an iGoogle page, there is a Gadget for that, so you can add your tasks there.  What would also be great is if there was an iPhone app as well.    They are looking for input, so feel free to post any ideas you might have for this.

This is also in keeping with what I have been reading lately on “cloud computing” and the use of web based services by the mobile lawyer.  One benefit that was pointed out to me was that many of these calendar/task/e-mail net services (like Google Apps and Remember the Milk) sync wirelessly with your phone from anywhere.   Sam Glover talks about this on his Lawyerist blog in a post on how he uses these apps in his office.   It’s an interesting read.  Note also that the web task-list app Remember the Milk DOES have an iPhone app.  All of this is certainly well worth looking into.

UPDATE (2-13-09): For another example of how Internet based apps can help the road warrior by sync’ing calendar, contacts, and to-dos wirelessly to mobile devices, see this post on the Linux Law Office blog about Yahoo’s Zimbra.