Two years ago I posted an article about how to make sure confidential files are securely deleted from a hard drive before donating or throwing out the machine.  This is important because, as many of you probably already know, deleted files are not really deleted; they are just removed from the system directory.   One must write over them several times to be sure they are gone.  That article discussed how to do that on a Windows system, but what about those of you running Linux?

An article posted today on the blog Ubuntu Geek (a site dedicated to the Ubuntu Linux distribution) gives a step-by-step process for doing this using several programs.  However, as the name of the blog implies, this information is not really for the Linux or computer newbie; it involves command-line utilities, even when added to the GNOME GUI interface.  If you are comfortable with Linux, you can do this and add another layer of security to your office systems.