I have written many posts about the use of Linux in the law office, often using my distribution of choice, Ubuntu.  With all the talk lately about Linux, you may be curious about whether it is right for you, but haven’t taken the next step because you don’t have the machine to try it on or you just fear that the installation process would be beyond your computer knowledge.  However, an innovation in the last release of Ubuntu Linux (version 8.04) called Wubi, should address both these issues.

Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu Linux on a Windows PC in the same way you would install a Windows program, yet it creates a “dual boot machine.”  This means that you are given the choice at boot-up of whether to load Windows or Linux.  After you are finished the test drive, it is removed the same way: Through the Windows “Add/Remove Program” applet in the Control Panel.  There is an excellent How-To guide for this here.  You can also get quite a bit of information on the Ubuntu wikipedia article on Wubi.  Give it a try; you have nothing to lose but time.