I have written in previous posts (here, here, and here) about the iPhone for the solo and small firm lawyer.  Much has changed in the past few months with the release of the 3G iPhone that may have you rethinking its usefulness.  There is a great post on the Mac Lawyer blog on this topic that is worth a read.  It gives a good rundown on the latest improvements and how they can be helpful.

I would note that the iPhone is not the only Apple portable technology that may be worth looking into.  I recently purchased an iPod Touch.  Since my cell phone provider is Verizon, and since I have not seen what I would call an “iPhone Killer” yet that would work on my network, I wanted to see whether this device addressed all of my other needs besides a phone.  My initial reaction was very positive, but I am still putting it through its paces.  Once I have gone through this, I will post on my thoughts.