On August 8, there was an interesting post in the blogosphere on a site called Cool Aggregator about laptop bags that have been approved by the TSA.  The important thing about this news is that travelers using these approved bags will not have to remove the laptop from the bag before having it x-rayed.  This certainly saves time and hassle for the busy traveler!  According to this post, the firm Mobile Edge will be coming out with three bags later this summer, a briefcase, backpack, and messenger bag.  Unfortunately, only the backpack can accommodate a laptop larger than 15.4″.  That 17″ HP model I bought a couple of years ago is really shaping up to be not the most mobile of solutions (although it does make for a great desktop replacement machine for the road warrior).  Keep an eye on these products as they come out; it may be a wise investment if you travel quite a bit in your practice.