You really cannot practice law these days without the Internet, and one’s collection of bookmarks (or Favorites) is an essential roadmap for its efficient use. Unfortunately, any law office with multiple machines, even if it is just a solo attorney with his/her secretary, can struggle to keep these straight and standardize the collection on everyone’s PC. I found this to be the case with my office desktop and my two laptops (1 Windows & 1 Linux).

The good news is that I use Firefox on all of them, and in a recent PCWorld article I learned all about a plug-in called Foxmarks. This little gem creates a free account for you on a web server and, once you have the plug-in installed on all your machines, you can use this server to synchronize the bookmarks on all of them! You can also edit the server entries directly through their web site. However, in order to avoid chaos, you might want to configure some of the machines to do a “downstream synch” only, so staff PCs can get updates from the server, while key personnel are the only ones that can upload changes to the server.  This one is definitely worth a try!